Two Arrested for Stealing Scrap Metal from Local High School

Two Gloucester Township men were arrested after attempt to steal scrap metal from Highland Regional High School, in Blackwood, NJ.    
    The police were called to Highland Regional High School at 8 a.m. on August 15 when school workers spotted the two men under the bleachers of the football field.  Joseph Weber, 31, and Joshua J. Clark, 23,  were charged with Criminal Mischief, Theft and Defiant Trespassing.  They have since been released on Criminal Summonses.  The two men were no longer at the football field when police arrived on the scene.
    According to the eyewitness account of Mrs. Ellen Jacobs, English teacher for Highland Regional High School, “I saw those two guys running away from the school.  They were arguing and struggling to fit the scrap into some luggage.” Mr. Ed Towers, the girl’s softball coach, said that the two men ran when they saw him.
    Other school workers aided in the description of the men and the airplane style carry-on-luggage they were carrying.  The two thieves also left a trail of metal leading to hole in the fence that lead to Highland Park, according to police.  The police were accustomed to the area, and therefore able to track down the suspects.
    “Following good eye witness accounts, we tracked the suspects to their location and made the arrest,” said Gregory Jackson, the Investigator of the Gloucester Township Police.  Located in Blackwood, luggage matching the descriptions given was found in front of the home of Joseph Weber.  Contact was then made with the two suspects and they were later arrested.  
    The theft of scrap metal is on the rise in residential areas, according to Guide No. 58, a study conducted by Brandon R. Kooi.  Kooi states that “scrap metal theft is but one of the larger set of theft and sale of stolen property problems.”  

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