Study: Left-Handedness May Indicate A Shorter Life Expectancy

Those who are left-handed have a shorter life expectancy due to the many struggles they face in a right-handed dominated world, according to a recent study.  The study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, studied the death certificates of almost a thousand people in California and the family of those deceased were questioned about their loved one’s dominating hand.  The results indicated that on average a right handed person lives significantly longer than those with left-hand dominance.  People who were right-handed lived to be on average 75 while our left-handed friends only averaged to be 66.  The average age differs for each gender however the trend is still the same.  Right-handed women, on average, lived six years longer than left-handed females.  The results showed that right-handed men lived, on average, 11 years longer than left-handed people.

Researched, Dr. Diane Helpern of California State University at San Bernardino and Dr. Stanely Coren from the University of British Columbia, have stated that the results are “striking.” “It should not, of course, be used to predict the life span of any one individual.  It does not take into account the fitness of any individual” according to Halpern.
Parents with left-handed children should not attempt to change their child’s dominating hand.  Halpern said, “it’s important that mothers of left0handed children not be alarmed and not try to change which hand a child uses.”

Coren and Halpern thought the lack in an older left-handed population was due to parents attempting to change their child’s dominating hand but that was not the case.  The shortage of a senior left-handed crowd was due to the fact that the left-handed people had passed away earlier than those who are right-handed.  Halpern stated, “almost all engineering is geared to the right hand and right foot.  There are many more car and other accidents among left-handers because of their environment.”

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